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David Rapp

David Rapp is an art historian and has written about history for American Heritage, Technology Review, and Out. He has a degree in film from New York University.  In 2014, he authored Churches and Monasteries in the Holy Land.

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Pamplona, Spain, is known for its annual encierro, or running of the bulls, as famously portrayed in Ernest Hemingway’s 1926 novel, The Sun Also Rises. This Tuesday Denver will be the site of a somewhat similar spectacle: 30 longhorn cattle—followed by 100 sheep, driven by trained stock dogs—will… Read more >>
"In this job I am not worried about my enemies," President Warren G. Harding once famously quipped. "It is my friends that keep me awake at nights." He wasn't joking. Even though it lasted only from 1921 to 1923, Harding's administration became the most scandal-ridden to date, thanks to several of… Read more >>
In the late 1970s most movie theater owners simply weren’t interested in a movie set in space. The last truly successful science-fiction film had been 1968’s 2001: A Space Odyssey; more recent fare, such as the ecological fable Silent Running (1972), had bombed. So on May 25, 1977 Star Wars opened… Read more >>