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Fred Haefele

Fred Haefele is an essayist and writer who published his award-winning motorcycle memoir, Rebuilding the Indian, in 1998. Haefele has been published in Outside, Wired, Newsday, and The New York Times. He has also taught creative writing at the University of Montana and Stanford University.

Articles by this Author

Recently a company tried to harness history by resurrecting a great American motorcycle. What happened is a cautionary tale about business, and memory, and the seductive urge to recapture the past.
Missoula, October 1999 | Vol. 50, No. 6
Nourished by powerful rivers and an equally powerful sense of its past, a town of cowhands and poets and bikers and professors distills the whole history of the American West—its hope and rapacity, its calamities and triumphs. Fred Haefele makes clear why our third annual American Heritage Great American Place Award goes to…
Motorcycle, May/June 1999 | Vol. 50, No. 3