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George McMillan

George McMillan wrote The Old Breed: A History of the First Marine Division in World War II; he served with the division in the Pacific theatre as a Marine combat correspondent. A former Guggenheim Fellow, he has contributed articles on the Corps and on other subjects to many of the nation’s leading periodicals.
The drawings on this and the preceding pages were done by Mitchell Jamieson, a Navy combat artist in World War II and now a faculty member at the University of Maryland.
For further reading: The Struggle for Guadalcanal , by Samuel Eliot Morison (Little, Brown, 1950); History of U.S. Marine Corps Operations in World War II, Pearl Harbor to Guadalcanal , by Frank D. Hough, Merle E. Ludwig, and Henry I. Shaw, Jr. (Historical Branch, U.S. Marine Corps, io58); Guadalcanal: The First Offensive , by John Miller, Jr. (Historical Division, Department of the Army, 1949).

Articles by this Author

So thought many a weary Marine after the bloody, interminable battle for Guadalcanal. It was only a dot in the ocean, but upon its possession turned the entire course of the Pacific war