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J. M. Fenster

—J. M. Fenster is the author of the forthcoming Ether Day: A Strange Tale of the Discovery ‘of Anesthesia and the Haunted Men Who Made It .

Articles by J. Fenster

The Taste Of Time, April 1997 | Vol. 48, No. 2
All across America there are restaurants that serve up the spirit and conviviality of eras long past Read >>
At a time when driving from Manhattan to Yonkers was a supreme challenge, a half-dozen cars pointed their radiators west and set out from Times Square for Paris Read >>
At their zenith the great transatlantic liners were lean runways for Schiaparelli dresses and Sulka dressing gowns, gorgeous stage sets for ship-to-shore gossip, bon mots, cocktail shakers, and dancing all night. It still can happen. Read >>
Once seen as a vice and now as a public panacea, the national passion that got Thomas Jefferson in trouble has been expanding for two centuries Read >>
Americans invented the grand hotel in the 183Os and during the next century brought it to a zenith of democratic luxury that makes a visit to the surviving examples the most agreeable of historic pilgrimages Read >>
Indy, May/June 1992 | Vol. 43, No. 3
Every spring thirty million Americans watch the Indianapolis 500. It’s the nation’s premier racing event and the pinnacle of a glamorous, murderous epic that stretches back nearly a century. Read >>
The Jeep, December 1991 | Vol. 42, No. 8

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