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Robert L. Beisner

Robert L. Beisner, associate professor of history at American University, is the author of Twelve Against Empire (McGraw-Hill, 1968), the story of the anti-imperialists of 1898-1900. A portion of it appeared in the August, 1967, issue of AMERICAN HERITAGE .
When this article was shown to Elbert Hubbard II, shortly before he died last November, the Fra ‘s son asked that we run the following comment, which we gladly do: “I have read AMERICAN HERITAGE ‘s article about my father and can only say, as he did, ‘Every knock is a boost.’ After all, it won’t be the first critical article about him and it certainly won’t be the last article about him—critical or complimentary!”

Articles by this Author

Ruminations of E. L. Godkin and Charles Eliot Norton.