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David Lavender

Articles by David Lavender

John McLoughlin, June 1977 | Vol. 28, No. 4
A TRICENTENNIAL REPORT Having worked like a beaver to overcome three centuries of plunging thermometers, recalcitrant Indians, and fierce competitors from Quebec and the U.S.A., it remains today the continent’s most durable trading enterprise Read >>
The plundering miners have been replaced by the plundering tourists. Can the Rockies survive this new invasion? Read >>
In the mining country of the Old West some men struck it rich without touching a shovel. All it took was a little legerdemain—and a sucker bitten by the gold bug Read >>
President Polk, a Democrat, needed a commander to win his war with Mexico, but all the good generals were Whigs. Now, could the winning general steal the Presidency from the party? As a matter of fact, he did. Read >>
Excerpts from Land of Giants Read >>

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