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Eugene Meyer

Eugene L. Meyer is a veteran journalist who writes about history, lifestyles, travel, and real estate. He is the author of three books, including Five for Freedom. The African American Soldiers in John Brown's Army and Chesapeake Country, a photo book on the Chesapeake Bay region.

Meyer has also been widely published in magazines and was for many years a reporter and editor at the Washington Post. Since leaving the Post in 2004, Meyer has garnered 15 awards for his work and has had more than 50 bylines in The New York Times. His first journalism job was as Washington bureau librarian for the old New York Herald Tribune, where he got to tag along with a White House reporter and watch the 1964 Civil Rights Act being signed into law.

Articles by this Author

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“I am now in a few hours to start on a journey from which no traveler returns,” wrote Copeland to his family. On December 16, 1859, two of John Brown's black comrades, John Anthony Copeland and Shields Green, were hanged in Charlestown, Virginia (now West Virginia) for their role in the raid on…