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Historic Sites

Caguana Ceremonial Park
Utuado, Puerto Rico

When the first Spaniards arrived on the island more than 500 years ago, they encountere

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Spanish settlers called Caparra, the island's first capital, La Ciudad de Puerto Rico (

Casa Del Rey
Dorado, Puerto Rico

Constructed as a parador, or inn, about 1823, Casa del Rey, the "King's House," provide

Church Of San Germán Auxerre
San Germán, Puerto Rico

The Church of San Germán Auxerre overlooks the town of San Germán's main plaza.

Convento De Porta Coeli
San Germàn, Puerto Rico

Dominican friars built the Convento de Porta Coeli in 1609 at the crest of a hill in wh

El Capitolio De Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico

For Puerto Ricans, El Capitolio de Puerto Rico stands as a powerful symbol of self-gove

El Morro (fort San Felipe Del Morro)
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Officially known as Fuerte San Felipe del Morro, this fort sits atop a high promontory

Fort San Cristobal
San Juan, Puerto Rico

This fort stands guard at where once was the eastern gate to the walled city of Old San

Hacienda Buena Vista
Ponce, Puerto Rico

Hacienda Buena Vista, considered one of Puerto Rico's best remaining examples of a coff

Lighthouse Of Los Morillos
Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Located on an isolated point with white lime cliffs surrounded by lagoons and marshes,

Old Ponce Fire Station
Ponce, Puerto Rico

The Parque de Bombas de Ponce (Old Ponce Fire Station) was built as the main exhibit pa

Plaza Pública
Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

The Emperor of Spain, Phillip II, decreed in 1576 that plazas in the "New World" coloni

San Germán Historic District
San Germán, Puerto Rico

Spanish colonists established Villa de San Germán de Auxerre, also known as Nueva Salam

San Juan National Historic Site
San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan National Historic Site includes forts San Cristóbal, San Felipe del Morro, and

Yagüez Theatre
Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Originally constructed in 1909, the Yagüez Theater has been the leader in presenting gr