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The Katzenjammer Kids creator, John Dirks, painted one of the first artworks to depict aviation Read >>
A 62-year-long quest for statehood ended on January 6, 1912. Read >>
Historian S. L. A. Marshall Tells How He and “Papa” Hemingway Liberated Paris Read >>
Andrew Wyeth Reflects on His Father, the Artist N. C. Wyeth Read >>
American Heritage expands its Civil War coverage as the sesquicentennial begins Read >>
The only known shipwreck of a 19th-century whaler is found 500 miles northwest of Hawaii Read >>
Long-lost American silent films are found in Russian archives Read >>
St. Louis's Washington University discovers that it owns a trove of the third president's books Read >>
Tribute to Frank Buckles, the last American World-War-I veteran Read >>
A Lincoln-commissioned naval hospital opens its doors in its newest reincarnation as a vibrant cultural community center Read >>
America's oldest recorded music goes online at a new Library of Congress website Read >>
A New York Public Library program asks the public to help transcribe 10,000 historic menus Read >>
After 65 years, the archives of FDR’s personal secretary are now open to the public Read >>
Archaeologists in Georgia have found the location of the prison that served as an overflow facility for Andersonville Read >>
The great American wit, who died 100 years ago, patented a history board game Read >>
A new bridge spans the Colorado near the dam that came to symbolize America’s great promise—and changed the American West forever Read >>
Renovations Completed in Time for Lincoln Bicentennial Read >>
Two centuries after his death, explorer Meriwether Lewis finally gets a funeral with well-deserved honors Read >>

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