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John Brooks

John Brooks is a New Yorker staff writer and the author of many books. His latest, published in 1981, is Showing Off in America .

Articles by John Brooks

Our fascination with categorizing ourselves was fed in 1949 by a famous essay and chart that divided us by taste into different strata of culture. Now the man who invented these classifications brings us up to date. Read >>
Corruption, Yesterday and Today Read >>
“In terms of change in American attitudes and American values, these last five years have surely been the crucial ones in the quarter century since V-J Day. And these changes seem of such a magnitude that every American except the very young, the very empty, and the very enclosed must now, to some extent, feel himself a foreigner in his native land” Read >>
Somehow the royal land grants in New Jersey are still operating, and every now and then they pay off Read >>

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