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Oliver Jensen

A railroad man himself, Oliver Jensen is a founder of the Connecticut Valley Railroad, a live-steam operation based in Essex. He is also a founder of this magazine.

Articles by Oliver Jensen

The great storyteller and famed historian lent authority and good advice to our aspiring magazine Read >>
The Home Front, December 1992 | Vol. 43, No. 8
It was bitter civil war, and a remarkable book offers us perhaps the most intimate picture we have of what it was like for the ordinary people who got caught in its terrible machinery Read >>
For some people Yale is as inevitable as income tax—and a great deal more fun Read >>
Good luck and a determined woman save the lone photographic record of a historic era in Vermont Read >>
Trainmaster, December 1988 | Vol. 39, No. 8
When he’s not taking care of a majestic marshaling of toy trains, Graham Claytor gets to play with the real thing Read >>
A man who has spent his life helping transform old photos from agreeable curiosities into a vital historical tool explains their magical power to bring the past into the present Read >>
When old James E. Taylor exercised his powers of near-total recall to set down memories of the Shenandoah campaign, he left us a unique record of a very new, very hazardous profession Read >>
1857, December 1969 | Vol. 21, No. 1
Is it really true that the more things change, the more they stay the same? Once upon a time, before the bureaucratic society, before modern war and technology, there was a very different world, and not so long ago. Let us revisit, picking at random, the year Read >>
Fable for City Planners Read >>
AMERICAN HERITAGE takes part in announcing an astonishing discovery at Yale—the earliest map ever found that shows any part of America. Traced to a copyist in Basel about 1440 A.D., it shows, long before Columbus, the New World lands discovered by the Norsemen. Authenticated by painstaking scholarly detective work at Yale and the British Museum, it opens the door to tantalizing historical speculations Read >>
and… …a glimpse at the grandfathers of the candidates exhibits the wonderful diversity of American life Read >>
Self-taught, the Bard brothers specialized in the painting of gleaming, accurate little steamboats Read >>
Tears And Laughter, June 1957 | Vol. 8, No. 4
A Portfolio of Sentimentals and Comics by Currier & Ives Read >>
The iron horses that built America are nearly all gathered on the other side of Jordan Read >>

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