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William Harlan Hale

William Harlan Hale is managing editor of HORIZON . His last contribution to AMERICAN HERITAGE was “When the Red Storm Broke,” in the February, 1961, issue.
For further reading: Churchill-Roosevelt-Stalin , by Herbert Feis (Princeton University Press, 1957); Admiral Ambassador to Russia , by William H. Standley (Henry Regnery, 1955); The Strange Alliance , by John R. Deane (Viking, 1946); Speaking Frankly , by James F. Byrnes (Harper, 1947).

Articles by William Hale

The Road To Yalta, June 1961 | Vol. 12, No. 4
A dozen arduous years lay between our recognition of the Soviets and the conference in Crimea; then the friendship so briefly rekindled flickered out again Read >>
To a Russia in revolution, America sent rival groups of amateur diplomats. The calamitous results of their indecision still afflict us Read >>
Weary of his humiliating job—American pay-off man to the piratical Arab states—this bold Yankee civilian raised his own army and won our strangest foreign war Read >>
Japan’s feudal, shut-in history suddenly came to an end when the bluff American commodore dropped anchor in Tokyo Bay Read >>
Amid the intrigue of the Russian court, John Quincy Adams took walks with Alexander I, spoke up for America, and scored a diplomatic triumph. Read >>

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