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William Harlan Hale

William Harlan Hale is managing editor of HORIZON . His last contribution to AMERICAN HERITAGE was “When the Red Storm Broke,” in the February, 1961, issue.
For further reading: Churchill-Roosevelt-Stalin , by Herbert Feis (Princeton University Press, 1957); Admiral Ambassador to Russia , by William H. Standley (Henry Regnery, 1955); The Strange Alliance , by John R. Deane (Viking, 1946); Speaking Frankly , by James F. Byrnes (Harper, 1947).

Articles by this Author

The Road To Yalta, June 1961 | Vol. 12, No. 4
A dozen arduous years lay between our recognition of the Soviets and the conference in Crimea; then the friendship so briefly rekindled flickered out again
To a Russia in revolution, America sent rival groups of amateur diplomats. The calamitous results of their indecision still afflict us
Weary of his humiliating job—American pay-off man to the piratical Arab states—this bold Yankee civilian raised his own army and won our strangest foreign war
Japan’s feudal, shut-in history suddenly came to an end when the bluff American commodore dropped anchor in Tokyo Bay
Amid the intrigue of the Russian court, John Quincy Adams took walks with Alexander I, spoke up for America, and scored a diplomatic triumph.