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Donald Jackson has written this account of the Yellow Stone primarily from business records of the Chouteau family in the archives of the Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis, and from the voluminous

Jackson, Donald

Kathryn Allamong Jacob, who is assistant historian in the U.S. Senate Historical Office, wrote an account of the Lizzie Borden murder case for us in February/March 1978.

Jacob, Kathryn Allamong

Susan Jacoby is the author of Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism (Metropolitan Books) and the director of the Center for Inquiry—Metro New York.

Jacoby, Susan

The biography of Booker T. Washington from which this article is adapted was begun sixteen years ago by Marquis James. Mr. James, who had twice won the Pulitzer prize for history, felt that a full-scale

James, Jacqueline

Mr. Jarman, a former newspaperman and staff member of The New Yorker and the Saturday Evening Post , is an instructor at the Famous Writers School in Westport, Connecticut. He wrote “The Great Racetrack

Jarman, Rufus

—William Jeanes is publisher emeritus of Car and Driver and editor in chief of the new magazine Classic Automobile Register .

Jeanes, William

This article was adapted from the book Rock City Barns: A Passing Era by David B. Jenkins (Silver Maple Press).

Jenkins, David B.

Robert Jenkins was Associate Publisher for American Heritage Publishing. This is his second tenure as he was Advertising Sales Director from 2007-12 and later Membership Director for the American Heritage

Jenkins, Robert

Roy Jenkins is one of the four leaders of the Social Democratic party. He is a former chancellor of the exchequer and home secretary, and from 1977 to 1981 he was president of the Commission of the European

Jenkins, Roy

Mark Jenkins is executive director of the U.S. Rugby Football Foundation and writes frequently about rugby.

Jenkins, Mark

Philip Jenkins is a professor of history and religious studies at Pennsylvania State University. His most recent book is Using Murder: The Social Construction of Serial Homicide (Maine De Gruyter, 1994).

Jenkins, Philip

Mr. Jennings is a free-lance writer living in New York. AMERICAN HERITAGE is grateful to George Green Shackelford, professor of history at Virginia Polytechnic Institute at Blacksburg, for his valuable

Jennings, Gary

A railroad man himself, Oliver Jensen is a founder of the Connecticut Valley Railroad, a live-steam operation based in Essex. He is also a founder of this magazine.

Jensen, Oliver
Richard R. John is a historian of communications who currently teaches at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. His publications include many essays, articles, and reviews, two edited books,
John, Richard R.
John, Zobel H is member for American Heritage site since 2011.
John, Zobel H
John, Marie St. is member for American Heritage site since 2011.
John, Marie St.

Frederick John lives in Hawaii and is a grand-nephew of James Connolly.

John, Frederick

Frederick A. Johnsen, a historian at Edwards Air Force Rase and the author of more than twelve historical aviation hooks, wrote “ For the Duration ” in the May/June 1995 issue.

Johnsen, Frederick A.

Karl Johnson, a longtime newspaper reporter and editor, lives in New York City.

Johnson, Karl

The Devil and Daniel Webster by Stephen Vincent Benét

Johnson, Gerald W.
Johnson, Thomas H. is member for American Heritage site since 2011.
Johnson, Thomas H.
Johnson, Amy Schulz is member for American Heritage site since 2011.
Johnson, Amy Schulz
Johnson, Charles F. is member for American Heritage site since 2011.
Johnson, Charles F.

A 1965 graduate of West Point and holder of a doctorate in theoretical plasma physics, Tom Johnson is currently an officer in the Air Force.

Johnson, Tom
Johnson, Marjorie Daw is member for American Heritage site since 2011.
Johnson, Marjorie Daw

James P. Johnson is an associate professor of history at Brooklyn College. His article on the curious origins of Mother’s Day appeared in our April/May 1979 issue.

Johnson, James P.

Bryan Johnson is a free-lance writer who lives in Virginia.

Johnson, Bryan R.

Louis Jones is director of the New York State Historical Association and its Farmers’ Museum at Cooperstown, N.Y., and is the author of numerous articles on folklore and folk arts. James Taylor Dunn is head

Jones, Louis C.

Tom Jones has served with distinction in the United States Air Force and as a NASA astronaut. After graduating from the United States Air Force Academy, Jones piloted and commanded B-52D Stratofortress

Jones, Tom

V. C. Jones, a resident of Centreville, Virginia, is at work on a book-length regimental history of the Rough Riders. Among his earlier works are Ranger Mosby, Grey Ghosts and Rebel Raiders, and the three-

Jones, V. C.
Caroline Jones was an Editorial Assistant with American Heritage.  Subsequently, she wrote for the television shows All My Children, Another World, and As the World Turns. She received 11 Daytime Emmy and 4
Jones, Caroline

This account of the Snyder-Gray case is excerpted from Ann Jones’s Women Who Kill , a provocative study of female murderers in American history. The book will be published by Holt, Einehart 6- Winston in

Jones, Ann

William and Elizabeth Jones have co-authored several books on Colorado history, most recently Buckwalter: The Colorado Scenes of a Pioneer Photojournalist (Pruett Publishing, 1989).

Jones, Elizabeth B.
Jones, Brennon is member for American Heritage site since 2011.
Jones, Brennon

The author is a professor of history and former director of the “ Our World Today ” program of the Atlanta Journal.

Jones, Wilbur Devereux

Jill Jonnes is the author of the recently published Empires of Light: Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse and the Race to Electrify the World .

Jonnes, Jill

Dorothy Rieber Joralemon is an artist and writer.

Joralemon, Dorothy Rieber
Jordan, Tom is member for American Heritage site since 2011.
Jordan, Tom

Alvin M. Josephy, Jr. (1915-2005), a leading historian of the American West, was the Editor of American Heritage Magazine and author of many award-winning books, including The Patriot Chiefs, The Indian

Josephy, Alvin M.
Judson, Arthur is member for American Heritage site since 2011.
Judson, Arthur

Tim Jumper, a woodcarver, lives in Hingham, not far from Joe Lincoln’s old workshop.

Jumper, Tim

Sebastian Junger has written both fiction and nonfiction for several magazines. He lives in Massachusetts.

Junger, Sebastian

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