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D., Grubb, D. is member for American Heritage site since 2011.
D., Grubb, D.

Virginius Dabney was editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch for 33 years and a winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his editorial writing. He was the author of a dozen books including Virginia: The New

Dabney, Virginius

Curtis Dahl, Samuel Valentine Cole Professor of English Literature at Wheaton College, in Norton, Massachusetts, is a previous contributor and the author of several critical works on American literature.

Dahl, Curtis

Robert Daley, European sports correspondent for the New York Times , has been writing since he was twelve, at which age he started a novel called Mike Wynne’s Bike Trip , first of a projected twenty-volume

Daley, Robert

Robert Dallek, finalist for the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Nixon and Kissinger: Partners in Power (HarperCollins 2007) and winner of the 1979 Bancroft Prize for Franklin D. Roosevelt and American Foreign

Dallek, Robert

Matthew Dallek, a Richard Hof stadter Fellow in American history at Columbia University, is writing his dissertation on Brown, Reagan, and the failure of liberalism.

Dallek, Matthew

Allan L. Damon was a teacher of American Studies at Horace Greeley High School and a Contributing Editor of AMERICAN HERITAGE. Mr. Damon authored The Great Red Scare in 1968.

Damon, Allan L.
Danforth, Mrs. Charles Haskell is member for American Heritage site since 2011.
Danforth, Mrs. Charles Haskell

English-born George Dangerfield (Oxon. 1927), who is now an American citizen, won both the Bancroft and Pulitzer prizes in 1953 for his study of the Monroe-Adams period, The Era of Good Feelings . He is

Dangerfield, George

The article is based on a chapter from Pete Daniel’s The Shadow of Slavery : Peonage in the South , 1901–1969, to be published soon by the University of Illinois Press. Dr. Daniel is a Southerner who has

Daniel, Pete

Elizabeth Daniels, who lives in Gettysburg, is working on a book about the effects of the battle on the town and its people. Many of the children’s accounts quoted here have been preserved by the Adams County

Daniels, Elizabeth

A native of North Carolina and one of America’s eminent journalists, Jonathan Worth Daniels is the editor of the Raleigh News and Observer. Toward the end of World War II he served as administrative assistant

Daniels, Jonathan

Gene Dattel, author of Cotton and Race in the Making of America: The Human Costs of Economic Power, works as a financial historian, writer, lecturer, and financial adviser. A native Mississippian, Dattel worked

Dattell, Gene
Davidson, Sander is member for American Heritage site since 2011.
Davidson, Sander
Davidson, David is member for American Heritage site since 2011.
Davidson, David

Carla Davidson formerly served as Senior Editor at American Heritage and has been a frequent contributor to The New York Times.

Davidson, Carla

Marshall B. Davidsoris article on the new American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum appeared in our April/May, 1980, issue.

Davidson, Marshall B.
Davidson, Ruth B. is member for American Heritage site since 2011.
Davidson, Ruth B.

Kenneth S. Davis, a frequent contributor, wrote “ The Birth of Social Security ” in our April/May 1979 issue.

Davis, Kenneth S.

Curtis Carroll Davis is a writer on Southern literature and history, author of Chronicler of Cavaliers .

Davis, Curtis Carroll

William C. Davis is the editor of Civil War Times Illustrated and the author of a biography of John C. Breckinridge that will be published next spring by the Louisiana State University Press.

Davis, William C.

David Brion Davis is the Sterling Professor of History Emeritus at Yale University and a prominent scholar on slavery and abolition in the Western World. Davis has written many books on the history and

Davis, David Brion

Sid Davis, a lecturer and writer, was White House correspondent for the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company in 1963 and served later as vice president and Washington bureau chief for NBC News. He is a former

Davis, Sid

Like most Boston literary people, Peter Davison came from elsewhere: New York and Colorado. He has been involved in Boston’s publishing community since 1955 and has written eight books of poetry and a memoir

Davison, Peter

Gavan Daws teaches at the University of Hawaii and has just completed a history of Hawaii; Timothy Head, also a history teacher, recently returned from an assignment in Japan which enabled him to pursue that

Daws, Gavan

Scott Dawson is a researcher, author, and founder of the Croatoan Archaeological Society, which has led archaeological excavations on Hatteras Island, a barrier island off the North Carolina coast, to uncover

Dawson, Scott
Day, Blanche is member for American Heritage site since 2011.
Day, Blanche
De GÓmara, Francisco LÓpez is member for American Heritage site since 2011.
De GÓmara, Francisco LÓpez

Jose Enrique de la Peña (1807–1840) was a colonel in the Mexican Army. Under General Antonio López de Santa Anna, de la Peña participated in the Battle of the Alamo. In 1955, a controversial book of his memoirs

De La Peña, José Enrique

Mr. Deac, public information specialist and speech writer for the Air Force Eastern Test Range at Cape Kennedy, has been a newspaper editor, advertising copywriter, publicrelations administrator, and

Deac, Wilfred P.

Gloria Deak is a writer who specializes in American art and cultural affairs. She has authored many books including: Picturing New York: The City from its Beginnings to the Present; Picturing America: Volumes I

Deák, Gloria

During the coming year, the America & Russia series, together with certain other articles on the subject from earlier issues of AMERICAN HERITAGE , will be published in book form by Simon tr Schuster, New

Decter, Moshe

Andy J. Deering is a librarian and watch collector mho lives in rural Wyoming.

Deering, Andy J.

Carl N. Degler teaches the history of the South and American cultural history at Fassar College. He is the author of Out of Our Past, The Forces That Shaped Modern America . For further reading: History of

Degler, Carl N.

—Dale DeGroff ran the bar at New York’s Rainbow Room for eleven years and appears often on television and radio as a mixology expert.

Degroff, Dale

Mr. Deiss is the author of The Roman Years of Margaret Fuller (Crowell, 1969), a reinterpretation, based on new research, of this misunderstood woman.

Deiss, Joseph Jay

Mr. Delaney, who teaches history at Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, Texas, adapted this article from his biography of John McIntosh Kell, which is to be published by the University of Alabama Press.

Delaney, Norman C.

Nicholas Delbanco is the author of fifteen books of fiction and nonfiction and directs the writing program for the Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Michigan. He has been at work for the last

Delbanco, Nicholas

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Dellheim, Charles
Demaine, Willis is member for American Heritage site since 2016.
Demaine, Willis

John Demos is the Samuel Knight Professor of History Emeritus at Yale University. Demos was awarded the Bancroft Prize for his 1982 book, Entertaining Satan: Witchcraft and the Culture of Early New England.

Demos, John

Barbara Piatelli Dempsey was born in Rome and educated in New York.  She earned her B.A. and M.A. degrees in comparative literature.  She co-wrote the book "Dempsey" with her stepfather, boxing legend Jack

Dempsey, Barbara Piattelli

Amy Denton is an adjunct professor in history at Lone Star College in Austin, TX. She earned a BA at Stephen F. Austin State University and a Masters Degree in history at the University of Houston.

Denton, Any

Sally Denton is an investigative reporter and author who writes about America's hidden history. She has written seven books, including her most recent, The Plots Against the President: FDR, A Nation in

Denton, Sally

Virginia Van der Veer (Mrs. Lowell S. Hamilton), a member of the history department of the University of Alabama in Birmingham, is completing her doctoral dissertation on the Senate career of Hugo Black.

Der Veer, Virginia Van

Rear Admiral Van Deurs, born in Portland, Oregon, in 1901, entered the Navy in 1917, qualified as a naval aviator in 1923, and retired from active service in 1951.

Deurs, G. Van
Devoto, Bernard is member for American Heritage site since 2011.
Devoto, Bernard

A retired college teacher, Mr. Dewey now lives in Los Angeles, where he is writing his memoirs.

Dewey, Robert Merrill

Lorraine Lethuray Dexter, a former New Yorker now living in Vermont, began collecting stereoscopic views in 1938 and today has about 30,000 of them, as well as examples of all kinds of viewers in use during

Dexter, Lorraine

Paul Dickson is the author of more than 55 nonfiction books and hundreds of magazine articles. Although he has written on a variety of subjects from ice cream to kite flying to electronic warfare, he now

Dickson, Paul

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