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—Richard Zacks is the author of several history books. His latest is The Pirate Hunter: The True Story of Captain Kidd .

Zacks, Richard

Dyan Zaslowsky, whose articles have appeared in Audubon, Rocky Mountain magazine, the Denver Post, and many other magazines and newspapers, is a free-lance writer living in Evergreen, Colorado.

Zaslowsky, Dyan

Hans Zeiger is the President of the Jack Miller Center, a nationwide network of scholars and teachers who are committed to advancing the core texts and ideas of the American political tradition. 


Zeiger , Hans

Joshua Zeitz is a historian and the author most recently of Lincoln Boys, a biography of the President's two closest aides and their many accomplishments after the Civil War, including efforts to document

Zeitz, Joshua

Hiller B. Zobel is a fellow of the Society of American Historians and a retired Associate Justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court. Zobel has also published books on the both legal and historical subjects

Zobel, Hiller B.

Donald began his career with United Press International as a reporter and went on to work for the Chicago Daily News until 1978 when he became a freelance writer full time. In 1976, he authored Laura: The Life

Zochert, Donald

William F. Zornow, currently on leave from the faculty of Kansas State College, is the author of Kansas: A History of the Jayhawk State, of Lincoln and the Party Divided , and of numerous magazine

Zornow, William F.

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