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Comments About American Heritage

Comments About American Heritage

Over the years, many prominent people have had nice things to say about American Heritage, which has been a familiar feature in the libraries of America’s leading thinkers and doers for over half a century.

  • “American Heritage is everything a magazine of popular history should be – elegant, lively, informative, entertaining, and intelligent.”
              —Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
  • “I know no other publication that regularly reports so entertainingly on our past and tells so well the story of our wonderful history.”
              —Walter Cronkite
  • “A nation’s history is its memory, its identity, the embodiment of its values and its sense of self-worth. A society that knows its heritage has the faith to face its future. I know of no other publication in the world that captures the vitality of a nation’s history as well as American Heritage does. It is an extraordinary magazine.”
              —Henry A. Kissinger
  • “I am delighted to recommend American Heritage to anyone looking for an enjoyable reading and learning experience.”
              —President George H.W. Bush
  • “I have been a regular reader of American Heritage for what must be close to twenty-five years. It always has something I like, something I did not know before, something I am glad to know about. I hope it goes on forever.”
              —Barbara Tuchman
  • “American Heritage is the only magazine I keep. I can’t imagine being without it.”
              —Walter Lord
  • “American Heritage is an American treasure. It enriches the present every bit as much as it enlarges and enlivens understanding of our past. I challenge anyone to read six issues – by God, a single issue! – to see if you don’t find yourself thinking just a bit differently, and a little more, about America. And all of this without a trace of ideological or partisan purpose.”
              —Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan
  • “It deepens our understanding of America’s past, and makes learning about that past a pleasure.”
              —William S. Paley
  • “American Heritage does a superb job in reminding us of the glorious tradition which is ours…”
             —David Rockefeller
  • “From every issue I find I learn things well worth knowing.… Nothing is rarer, moreover, than the combination of serious enlightenment and consistent enjoyment.”
              —Joseph Alsop


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