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The City of Churches and Henry Ward Beecher, of Walt Whitman, Coney Island, and a famously departed baseball team is ready for its next act—as a world-class tourist destination

Nathan Ward says in his essay on Brooklyn in this issue that one in seven American families has its roots in that borough’s soil.

A postcard version of six tender and crucial rites of passage by the artist Harrison Fisher

This series of six postcards, titled “The Greatest Moments in a Girl’s Life,” was painted by Harrison Fisher around 1911. From about 1905 until his death in 1934, Fisher was by far the most popular illustrator of pretty women, the successor to Charles Dana Gibson.

On the theory that the greatest show is people, George Tilyou turned a rich man’s resort into a playground for the masses

On every warm summer week end on Coney Island a great swarm of people may be found heading for a slow-moving line that leads always to the same entertainment device.

John Roebling lost his life and his son lost his health, but after sixteen years the incredible Brooklyn Bridge was finished

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