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June 2024
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Correction: On page 88 of “A Nation of Immigrants” in the February/March issue the paragraph beginning “What of the other 85 to 90 percent?” contained several errors. It should read: “What of the other 80 to 90 percent? Of the 4,493,000 arrivals in the 1970s, 1,588,000 came from Asia (somewhat over one-third), 1,983,000 from North and South America, and 80,779 from Africa. The five major contributing nations were, in order, Mexico (640,300), the Philippines (355,000), Korea (268,000), Cuba (265,000), and China, both mainland and Taiwan (237,80O).”

This same unlucky issue was beset with lesser errors. A mis-stroke of the word processor had Geoffrey C. Ward speak of “the prominent New York politicians Thurlow and Fernando Wood.” Of course these two men didn’t share the same surname: “What’s the matter?” chided one of our readers. “Can’t see the Weed for the Wood?” The “History in the News” column referred to Henry Adams as the “son and grandson of ... Presidents,” when in fact he was the grandson and greatgrandson; and the fetching picture of June Haver in the “Editor’s Choice” section identified her as June Harper.

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