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Different Visions

March 2024
1min read

I am greatly disappointed by the limited-vision, probably politically biased kind of article represented by “Can History Save Us from a Depression?” which appeared in your February issue.

Granted, economists and those who pose as economic experts ought not be taken seriously. But why any virtually unknown “expert,” who claims to have been a significant adviser to the Reagan administration (what went wrong?), should be interviewed by the president of your publication and given prominent space is a puzzle and a discredit to the integrity of what I expect of American Heritage.

Mr. Jude Wanniski’s admitted technique of searching for a rationale after discovering he possessed an incontrovertible theory is truly a parody of all economist jokes. Mr. Timothy C. Forbes apparently does not have a sense of humor.

Let me try this one on you. I have absolute evidence that the Great Depression ended not with the advent of World War II, which many believe, but when they removed the banana flavor from Twinkles.

The theory cannot be challenged. I’m still searching for the rationale. And space in your publication.

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