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June 2024
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Beastie Boys Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, the Dalai Lama

Ani DiFranco Lucille Clifton (poet),
Utah Phillips (musician), Ammon Hennacy (activist, Catholic Worker Movement), Emma Goldman

Art Garfunkel Woodrow Wilson

Herbie Hancock League of the Iroquois

Faith Hill Jacqueline Onassis

Ziggy Marley Marcus Garvey (black

Dave Matthews Nelson Mandela

Sarah McLachlan Georgia O’Keeffe
and Frida Kahlo

Willie Nelson Chief Joseph, Geronimo, Crazy Horse

John Popper John Coltrane and other jazz greats

Eddie Vedder Christopher Columbus


Sandra Bullock One’s own family

Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson) Leonardo da Vinci

Dan Castellaneta (voice of Homer Simpson) Gandhi

Jackie Chan Confucius and Abraham Lincoln

Michael Crawford Mother Teresa

Clint Eastwood Charlie Parker

Ben Kingsley Joseph Stalin

Steve Martin Carl Sandburg

Kevin Spacey Clarence Darrow


Bob Barker Crazy Horse

Jack Klugman Thomas Paine

Bill Nye (the Science Guy) George Washington Carver

Carroll O’Connor Aaron Burr

Rosie O’Donnell Rosa Parks

Sally Jesse Raphaël Thomas Jefferson

Fred Rogers Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Schweitzer

Alex Trebek Mark Twain and Chief Red Cloud

Adam West Meriwether Lewis

Montel Williams James P. Beckwourth (African-American frontiersman/explorer, discovered route across the Sierra Nevada to Sacramento)


Muhammad Ali Abraham Lincoln, Nat Turner, Billy the Kid, Jack Johnson (first African-American boxer to win the world heavyweight title)

Red Auerbach Teddy Roosevelt

Yogi Berra Native Americans

Carl Lewis Jesse Owens

Rebecca Lobo Fidel Castro

Joe Paterno Ben Franklin

Ted Williams Douglas MacArthur


Judy Blume Women’s history

Ray Bradbury Ben Franklin

Beverly Cleary Abigail Adams

Robin Cook Upton Sinclair

Robert Cormier Ben Franklin

Patricia Cornwell Harriet Beecher Stowe

Fannie Flagg Susan B. Anthony

Al Franken Raoul Wallenberg (Swedish diplomat who helped thousands of Hungarian Jews escape the Holocaust)

Spalding Gray Louis Armstrong

Daniel Quinn Smohalla (Native American shaman)

Howard Zinn Emma Goldman


Madeleine Albright John Quincy Adams

Patrick Buchanan James Polk

Gerald Ford Thomas Jefferson

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Florence Ellinwood Allen (first woman named to a federal appellate chief judgeship; suffrage activist)

John Kerry John Quincy Adams

Ralph Nader Lincoln Steffens
(muckraking journalist)

Nancy Reagan Mary Todd Lincoln

Strom Thurmond George Washington

William Weld Aaron Burr, James Michael Arrley (mayor of Boston and congressman from Massachusetts)


Tyra Banks Cleopatra

Julia Child Auguste Escoffier (influential French chef)

Johnnie Cochran Frederick Douglass

Walter Cronkite Chief Joseph

Terry Gilliam Nikola Tesla (electrician and inventor)

Oliver Stone John F. Kennedy

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