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To Plan A Trip

April 2024
1min read

For information on Yellowstone and the surrounding areas, call the Wyoming Travel Commission (1-800-225-5996) and Travel Montana (1-800-541-1447). Tom Segerstrom can be reached at the Great Plains Wildlife Research Institute, P.O. Box 7580, Jackson Hole, WY 83001 (307733-2623). His five-day trips start and end at Jackson, and you’ll sleep in comfortable quarters—a guest ranch, a bed and breakfast, and a historic hotel. It’s possible to arrange to skip the return drive from Cody and stay in Buffalo Bill’s town for an extra night, flying home from there. That will give you more time at the splendid Buffalo Bill Historical Center, whose huge collections vividly present the art and culture of the West. And once you’ve seen the powerful lower falls of the Yellowstone in person, it’s reassuring to find from the first paintings of it, by Moran and Bierstadt, that the fundamental things in this corner of the northwest Rockies still apply.

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