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Radio Reactions

July 2024
1min read

As a lifetime radio fan, I greatly enjoyed Alice Goldfarb Marquis’s “Radio Grows Up” in the August/September issue. However, I noted two small errors in the account. Marquis says that New York’s WHN is now WMGM. WHN did carry the call letters WMGM in the fifties when the station broadcast a Top Forty format and was owned by Loews Corporation. It reverted to WHN in the early sixties, when Storer Broadcasting purchased it and changed the format. WHN is now owned by Mutual Broadcasting System and broadcasts country music.

Marquis also mentioned that the Federal Radio Commission refused to renew the license of WCRW (Chicago) because of its excessive advertising. This decision must have been overturned, because WCRW is still on the air in Chicago, broadcasting five hours a day of Spanish-language programing and sharing its frequency with two small stations, WSBC and WEDC.

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