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Wilderness Soliloquys

June 2024
1min read

Brown and Jones would a-camping go, but Smith demurs. His new game of Owl Hockey has arrived. So too is Nature oft of more than one mind!

Who has spied yon wood chuck on his tree stump, and not been put in mind of the Mining Board’s recent idea of adapting the “Chinese Rule on metalliferous ores?

A dull knife cleaves rotten bark as good as a sharp ‘un after dark.”

— Anon.

A man may stand straight as a tree, and a tree stand straight as a man, yet neither stands straight as the flag pole in my dooryard.

Mister Grizzly, when you come to call, pray leave your ‘mittens in my hall!” —Old Mohican Quatrain

The meadow in winter is a counterpane, the snow-laid hills are pillows, but Father Nature has gone away with the foot-warmer, and shan’t come back again ere the buds are on the willows! —Derwent Clumbard McNee

Train our Army to follow the ways of the ant. The arachmdian lives in a hole in the ground and for provender eats leafs. He knows no reveille but toils all of the time. Then, no ant has ever collected a pension off the Government when his usefulness is done. Yes, train our Army to follow the ways of the ant! —Senator Hupp.

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