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America On Display: A Guide To Unusual Museums And Collections In The United States And Canada

March 2023
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by Joyce Jurnovoy and David Jenness: Facts On File: 280 pages.

Well, sure, if you come to New York, you know to go to the Metropolitan, and if you visit Washington, you’re not likely to forget about the Smithsonian. But chances are you could pass through Marion, Ohio, and never know you’d missed the Wyandot Popcorn Museum and its collection of gleaming turn-of-the-century poppers, each with an elegant little steam engine spinning the drum. America on Display will keep you from overlooking many of the nation’s most engaging and occasionally unlikely (The Museum of Ancient Brick) curatorial efforts. The more than two hundred entries range from the elegant and various collections in the Forbes Galleries beneath our editorial offices to the Streitwieser Trumpet Museum in Pottstown, Pennsylvania; from San Francisco’s Tattoo Art Museum to the National Bowling Hall of Fame in St. Louis.

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