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Blame And (a Little) Praise

June 2024
1min read

Seeing as how I have been a fan of Barbra Streisand’s for a little more than four years now (I am 19), I may be biased, but to call Barbra Streisand —perhaps one of the greatest legends of all time—an overrated singer? Pardon me, but I always believed her voice was one of the greatest because she gave feeling to her words in a song. She acted them out and always called herself “an actress who sings.” If anybody should be called overrated, it should be one of those singers today who are getting their fifteen minutes of fame but who won’t be around as long as Barbra has—nearly four decades. (Yes, that’s almost 40 years!)

So, call Britney Spears an overrated singer. Call Mariah Carey an overrated singer. But Barbra should be the last one on that list.

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