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Buckeye Journal

June 2024
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Most museums and historical groups put out some sort of publication, but they vary widely in scope and ambition. One of the best is Timeline , published by the Ohio Historical Society. With its striking covers, glossy photos (many in color), and lively, accessible prose, Timeline looks and reads like a big-budget commercial magazine. The articles all have some connection with Ohio, but the focus is far from parochial. Recent topics include the 1846 removal of the Miami Indians; “America’s worst poet,” Julia A. Moore (a.k.a. The Sweet Singer of Michigan); the Ohio State/Cincinnati basketball dynasty of the early 1960s; Cleveland’s huge and amazingly ornate monument to President Garfield; and an Ohio private’s diary from the Mexican War. The writing is authoritative and far from academic, and all the articles are profusely illustrated. If you enjoy American Heritage , you will find much of interest in Timeline , whether or not you have any connection to the Buckeye State.

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