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Pentagon Papers

As a young reporter for the Boston Globe, I stumbled onto the existence of the Pentagon Papers.

The author was the first reporter to break the story of the secret history of the Vietnam war that became known as the Pentagon Papers. The story was part accident, part reward for curiosity. Read more >>

The New York Times reporter who spent months in hiding analyzing the Pentagon Papers remembers how they broke the story.

It was the Ides of March, 1971, when a senior editor in the New York Times Washington Bureau told me to head for New York for a Vietnam project and to take clothes for a few days. Read more >>

After we published the Papers at the Washington Post, the Supreme Court decision in our favor has underpinned American freedom of the press.

Editor’s Note: Leonard Downie Jr. was a reporter and editor for 44 years at the Washington Post and now teaches journalism at the Cronkite School. During his 17 years as executive editor, the Post won 25 Pulitzer prizes. Mr. Read more >>

Recently declassified documents reveal that Alexander Haig and other White House staff actively worked to remove Richard Nixon — the President they worked for — from office.

Editor's Note: Ray Locker is the author of Haig's Coup: How Richard Read more >>

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