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July 2024
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Henry Ford builds a museum

“Get everything you can find!” the Motor King instructed his agents. And so they did—old boots and cowbells, spinning wheels and saw mills, schoolhouses and wayside taverns —everything that would help to recreate the nineteenth-century world that Ford’s own Model T had done so much to destroy. It all came together in Greenfield Village, Michigan, one of the most remarkable museums in the world. Walter Karp gives us a tour of the place—and a penetrating glimpse into the life of the man who made it.

Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson remembers

In an exclusive interview with AMERICAN HERITAGE editor Barbara Klaw, the former First Lady discusses with wit and candor more than thirty years of life in the eye of the political storm—from her husband’s first campaigns on the Texas hustings to the Oval Room of the White House and decisions that changed the shape of American history. How did she feel about all the tumult and shouting? “I loved it,” she says.

Giuseppe Zangara misses his target

He was a tiny man, an angry man, a man who had failed in life and nurtured his hatred of the ruling class like a fire in his belly. Kenneth Davis probes his motivations, places him in context, and narrates the little man’s ultimate failure — the attempted assassination of Franklin D. Roosevelt.


A tale of two submarines—nearly two hundred years apart; a Christmas package of antique toys; Mary Baker Eddy and the flowering of Christian Science; and a good deal more, all of it richly illustrated.

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