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As soon as possible (today if you can), please add a new tab to the Top Nav bar on the website. It should be called “Authors” and should fit in between Magazine and Web Departments. It should link to an alphabetical list of all Contributors, last name, first name.

The blue Secondary Nav Bar underneath “Authors” should read as follows:

ALL | Ambrose | Catton | Commager | Ellis | Flexner | Lukacs | McPherson | McCullough | Schlesinger | Stegner | Tuchman | Ward

These last names should link to their respective Contributor bios that are in the system as follows:

ALL | Stephen Ambrose | Bruce Catton | Henry Steele Commager | Joseph J. Ellis | James Thomas Flexner | John Lukacs| James McPherson | David McCullough | Arthur Schlesinger Jr. | Wallace Stegner | Barbara W. Tuchman | Geoffrey C. Ward



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