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June 2024
1min read

I read your article “The New Creationists” (November) with sadness.

I am not competent to comment on whether or not “scientific creationism” is good or bad science. But as a pastor who has just begun his forty-eighth year of serving congregations as their minister, I can testify that these notions are bad biblical interpretation.

Ask yourself this question: Is the Bible a book about botany, quantum physics, geology, anthropology, chemistry, or calculus? Of course not.

The theme of the Bible is man’s relationship to his Creator/Creation and his neighbor. It exposes rebellion, selfishness, greed—in short, sin—and the need for repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation, in all aspects of personal, social, and international life.

Would that our society would spend less time on nonsense and more time on qualities essential to our very survival.

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