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March 2024
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Book Collector’s Guide to Toasters and Accessories , by Helen Greguire (Schroder Publishing, 1997). Color photos.

Gallery/Web site reflects a fine collection; includes blenders and waffle irons.

NOTE: Many early toasters can still be used, but they should be watched for short circuits or overheating.


Pioneer models The earliest examples of the GE D12 sell for about $3,000, a premium for its rarity and importance.

Armstrong table stove Introduced in 1919, it combined with a small bag of groceries to make a complete breakfast: frying bacon on top, poaching eggs in the bottom, and toasting bread in between. It sells for about $50.

“Sweetheart” toaster Universal’s Model E9410 of the mid-1920s was beautiful to behold, with its late Art Nouveau lilt, and was as precise as a Swiss watch in its workings. An example was offered for sale recently at for $1,250.


Half-Round Sunbeam T-9 The Art Deco T-9 of the 1930s is a bountiful curve in chrome. It sells for $140 to $350.

Toast-O-Lator Built from 1936 to 1952, the Toast-O-Lator is the best known collectible toaster. One recently sold for $317 on Ebay.

—Julie M. Fenster

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