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Git Along, Little Goathe, Git Along

July 2024
1min read

It will he recalled that our “Readers’ Album” in June of this year featured a photograph of an outsized rooster hitched up to a small wagon. Now we offer a period photograph of a billygoat hitched to a miniature sulky. The picture was taken in 1907 on the long-gone Casino grounds at Newport News, Virginia, and was sent to us by James A. Lcftwich of La Jolla, California. The happy five-year-old decked out in his R’fcster Brown suit is Mr. Leftwich himself.

This whole business may start a trend in unearthing similar photos of unusual hitches that delighted youngsters long ago. Who knows the hounds of parents’ imaginations? We can scarcely wait for a pictureof atiny buckboard beingtowcd by a team of snails.

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