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Grand Again

June 2024
1min read

Thank you for the beautiful article on America’s grand hotels (“Palaces of the People”) by J. M. Fenster in your April issue.

In Spokane, Washington, we also have a “grande dame” in the Davenport Hotel built in 1914 by Louis Davenport—a friend of Louis Comfort Tiffany. During the 1920s mail addressed simply “c/o The Davenport, U.S.A.” promptly found its destination. The Davenport has a proud heritage, having entertained every U.S. President from William Howard Taft to William Jefferson Clinton except Elsenhower, as well as Will Rogers, John Philip Sousa, Charles Lindbergh, Mary Pickford, Clark Gable, and Queen Marie of Romania.

Closed for eight years, it has been purchased by Hong Kong’s Sun International company; they’ve already restored the Grand Lobby and plan to open to the public early in 1995. The Davenport will be marketed worldwide as a “destination” for those who enjoy this ambiance and all the outdoor activities available in this beautiful inland area of the Northwest. It’s a dream that three thousand local, fiercely loyal citizens—“Friends of the Davenport”—kept alive during those grim years. Please visit us—and bring J. M. Fenster!

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