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June 2024
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Colonel Wensyel replies : I’m sorry Mr. Tomknith was unable to find a guide at the battlefield on Sunday, March 27. We had 5,827 visitors that day (up from 3,073 the year before). Twentyfour guides (myself among them) were present, however, and accommodated most of the visitors who wished them. It’s impossible to predict the number of visitors we may get on a given day, particularly in the spring of a new season. Guides really don’t come and go as they please, and are required to do at least a specified minimum number of tours each season. But it’s true that no privately run business could operate this way; nor could it offer the quality provided by the Licensed Battlefield Guides, who spend at least two hours with the visitor. We added more guides this spring, but it’s always a good idea to come early—8:00 to 10:00 A.M. —when one is always available, or to consider reserving a guide for his second or third tour. I hope Mr. Tomknith may visit us again; if he will contact me through the Park, I’ll be glad to spend as long with him as he wishes.

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