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Historic Sites

Ah Tah Thi Ki Museum
Big Cypress Indian Reservation, Florida

The Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum on Big Cyrpess Reservation explore

Albany Mounds
Albany, Illinois

The Albany Mounds date from the Middle Woodland (Hopewell) period (200 BCE-CE 300), old

Alutiiq Museum
Kodiak, Alaska

The Alutiiq Museum, located on the first floor of the Alutiiq Cultural Center, traces t

Anasazi Historical Site & State Museum
Boulder, Utah

Visit the museum and partially excavated prehistoric Indian village

Aztec Ruins National Monument
Aztec, New Mexico

Aztec Ruins provides visitors an intimate opportunity to explore the ancient Puebloan “

Los Alamos, New Mexico

Bandelier has a long human history and links to the modern Pueblos.

Brevard Museum Of History And Natural Science
Cocoa, Florida

Colorful dioramas depicting the area from the days of woolly mammoths and saber tooth c

Canyon De Chelly
Chinle, Arizona

Canyon de Chelly also sustains a living community of Navajo people, who are connected t

Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Carlsbad, New Mexico

The park’s cultural resources represent a long and varied continuum of human use starti

Casa Grande Ruins
Coolidge, Arizona

Casa Grande Ruins is the first archeological site to be preserved by the federal govern

Casa Malpais Archaeological Park
Springerville, Arizona

The Mogollan people occupied Casa Malpais, which means "House of the Badlands," for alm

Charlotte County Historical Center
Port Charlotte, Florida

Charlotte County Historical Center, located at Bayshore Live Oak Park on beautiful Char

Chimney Rock Archaeological Area
Chimney Rock, Colorado

Designated an Archaeological Area and National Historic Site in 1970, Chimney Rock lies

Chrysler Museum Of Art
Norfolk, Virginia

The Chrysler Museum of Art combines one of America's great fine arts museums and two si

Coronado State Monument
Bernalillo, New Mexico

The pueblo of Kuaua was occupied from 1300 AD and abandoned near the end of the 16th Ce

Crystal River Archaeological State Park
Crystal River, Florida

A focal point of pre-Columbian Native American ceremony and commerce, the Crystal River

Dakota Dinosaur Museum
Dickinson, North Dakota

The museum contains 11 full-scale dinosaurs displayed in a Triassic-Cretaceous time con

Dinosaur Discovery Museum
Kenosha, Wisconsin

The main gallery of the Museum shows the link between birds and meat-eating dinosaurs (

Double Ditch
Bismarck, North Dakota

According to Mandan oral history, Double Ditch was one of seven to nine villages simult

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument
Florissant, Colorado

The fossils, rocks, hills, and valleys that make up Florissant Fossil Beds National Mon

Halifax Historical Museum
Daytona Beach, Florida

Housed in the former 1910 Merchant's Bank building, the museum exhibits the history of

Heritage Museum Of Northwest Florida
Valparaiso, Florida

The Heritage Museum is located on the original main street of Valparaiso, Florida.

Heritage Park And Cultural Center
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Together these three sites form a cultural center which presents the history of the For

Historic Spanish Point
Osprey, Florida

Sitting upon 30 acres, this museum features a number of regional history exhibits.

Historical Museum Of Southern Florida
Miami, Florida

An expansive museum examining the history of southern Florida from the arrival of the f

Historical Society Of Palm Beach County
West Palm Beach, Florida

Housed in the historic 1916 Courthouse, the Historical Society of Palm Beach County off

Hovenweep National Monument
Cortez, Colorado

Multi-storied towers perched on canyon rims and balanced on boulders lead visitors to m

Hutchinson County Historical Museum
Borger, Texas

The Hutchinson County Museum is a regional history museum in the Texas Panhandle.

Ilanka Cultural Center
Cordova, Alaska

Opened in 2004, the Ilanka Cultural Center celebrates the history and culture of Native

Indian Temple Mound Museum
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Run by the City of Fort Walton Beach, the Indian Temple Mound Museum houses a pre-Colum

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