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September 2023
1min read

Most Overrated Holiday:

I would like to be supportive of trees, as I think most of us would, but I can’t recall ever knowing it was Arbor Day on Arbor Day. People have heard of Arbor Day, but only in the general way that they have heard of Nebraska and Utah, which, according to my 1998 At-a-Glance Standard Diary and Daily Reminder , are the only two states that recognize Arbor Day officially. And are there any trees in Nebraska or Utah? In my day every state celebrated Arbor Day. I think.

Most Underrated Holiday:

You could say that the most underrated official national holiday is Election Day, our annual occasion for majority rule, which only a minority observe. But that is because a majority has determined Election Day to be overrated.

From my point of view, Father’s Day would be more festive if people gave money.

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