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The Nixon Divide

May 2024
1min read

Your poll of how prominent persons would change the Constitution reflected a brilliant idea. But it was flawed in execution. You included Richard M. Nixon and gave him the lead position. How could you have done this?

This ongoing romance the country seems to be having with the most despicable liar and morally degenerate American of the century can be comprehended only when such as yourselves continue to pander to his apparent desires. The man who, but for the stupidity of his successor, would have been in jail (and should be as far as this writer is concerned) is a fine example to hold before the world as an ex-President.

I wish I could understand the press’s lack of morality in continually bringing Nixon before us. We’ve had more than enough of the man. We couldn’t believe him when he left the White House; how can we believe him now? Has he become moral since 1974? Hardly! He didn’t know right from wrong then and he probably doesn’t now.

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