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To Plan A Trip

March 2024
1min read

First, a warning: do not plan a trip to Hershey if you are counting calories. The town’s ever-present bowls of Kisses and miniatures are just too dangerous for weight watchers. The rest can start by contacting Hershey Entertainment and Resorts ( ; 1-800-HERSHEY), which oversees Hersheypark, the Hotel Hershey, the Hershey Museum, the Hershey Theater, ZooAmerica, and Chocolate World. The Hotel Hershey provides comfortable, if pricey, accommodations, with an indoor pool, a spa, and Hershey Kisses on each pillow. Its circular dining room is worth visiting for a lavish brunch even if you stay elsewhere. An alternative famous for its smorgasbord is the Hershey Farm Restaurant and Inn, a Mennonite-owned business on 23 acres in nearby Strasburg.

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