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To Plan A Trip

February 2024
1min read

The gorgeously restored 104-year-old Moana Hotel on Waikiki is today the Sheraton Moana Surfrider ( , 808-922-3111). Almost next door stands the monumental Royal Hawaiian ( , 808-923-7311), also now a Sheraton.

To see where the last king and queen of Hawaii lived and signed over their land to the Americans, visit the Iolani Palace ( , 808-522-0822), in downtown Honolulu. Glimpse the lives of Hawaii’s long-gone plantation workers through the meticulous recreation of colonial-era life at Plantation Village, in Waipahu ( , 808-677-0110); a few miles and a world away, arrange a tour (Wednesdays through Saturdays, by reservation only) of the estate of the tobacco heiress Doris Duke and the museum of Islamic art it contains ( , 866-385-5849).

You can get a sense of Schofield Barracks as James Jones and thousands of other GI’s knew it at the Tropic Lightning Military Museum ( , 808-655-0438) and get an even more visceral sense of what put a sudden and permanent end to that world at the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor ( , 808-422-0561).

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