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To Plan A Trip

June 2024
1min read

The list below is limited to hotels mentioned in this article. Of course, this is a highly selective sampling, offered in the hope that it will inspire travelers to find their own favorite palaces.

(Numbers without area codes are 800 numbers.) Lincklaen House (315-655-3461); Menger (345-9285); Palmer House (HILTONS); Brown Palace (321-2599); St. Elmo (303-325-4951); Gadsden (602-364-4481); Sheraton Palace (325-3535); Fairmont (527-4727); Copley Plaza (617-267-5300); Drake (55 DRAKE); Omni Parker (THE OMNI); Omni Shoreham (THE OMNI); Gait House (626-1814); Willard Inter-Continental (327-0200); Stouffer Mayflower (HOTELS-1); Waldorf-Astoria-Hilton (HILTONS); Plaza (759-3000 or 228-3000).

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