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To Plan A Trip

June 2024
1min read

The Wyoming Travel Commission (800-225-5996) and Tracks Across Wyoming (307-789-9690) will provide information on all the communities that make up this project. Cheyenne is a good place to start a trip, with its highly decorative Capitol building, which dates from territorial times, and its excellent Wyoming State Museum. Although the tracks described in this article lead inevitably into the towns, there is no forgetting the landscape that holds it all together. The roads may be straighter here than in the state’s mountainous northwest corner, and the grade milder, but the sight of an expansive, sage-strewn high prairie is haunting in its own right, and at the distant margins—north and south of Interstate 80—rise the implacable crests of the Snowy Range Pass, the Front Range, and the Uintas.

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