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Treasures from our Archives

Treasures From Our Archives

June 2024
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For the first time in a long time, the 58-year-old American Heritage Archives and History Library are under one roof in our new offices! We thought we’d bring you a sneak peak at just a couple of the hundreds of thousands of photographs, prints, drawings, maps, documents, and other artifacts accumulated over five decades by the editors of the magazine.  

Perhaps you remember the talented caricaturist Oscar Berger’s take on the presidents from Adams to Monroe using contour drawing—never lifting the pen from the paper—which appeared in our April 1959 issue. Or a series of Revolutionary War figures painted by Don Troiani, such as the Private 4th New York Regiment, 1977, which appeared in the December 1975 issue. Or the battlefield sketch by a Harper’s Weekly correspondent at the Second Battle of Manassas during the Civil War.

Stay tuned in future issues for more treasures from our American past.  ~The Editors




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