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2,000 Sponsors

June 2024
1min read

What a delight to see the All American featured as the frontispiece in the July/ August issue. I must point out, however, that the caption is a bit misleading. Although General Dynamics was the major corporate sponsor of the B-24 restoration, there are many others who deserve most of the credit.

The plane belongs to the nonprofit Collings Foundation, and it was Bob and Caroline Collings who took on the challenge of raising the nearly one million dollars it would eventually take to get it back into the air. Significant funds were donated by nearly two thousand individuals and companies who shared the dream of seeing a fully restored B-24 touring the country, but the restoration is far from paid for.

A note to the Collings Foundation, River Hill Farm, Stow, MA 01775, will bring information on how to help “pay off the mortgage” and keep the All American flying.

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