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Lafayette Square

After an illustrious career in the Navy, Stephen Decatur died in his home on Lafayette Square following a duel with Commodore Barron.

Editor’s Note: Gil Klein is the author of Read more >>

No figure in the Revolutionary era inspired as much affection and reverence as Gilbert du Motier, the Marquis de Lafayette

Editor’s Note: We were disappointed when individuals protesting racial injustice last May spray-painted monuments in Lafayette Park, as we wrote at the time, since the vandalized statues of Lafayette, K Read more >>

Both our Constitution and our historic monuments were trashed during recent protests.

We wonder which is worse: authorities abusing our Constitutional rights or protesters wantonly damaging historic monuments dedicated to young revolutionaries such as Lafayette and Kosciuszko? Read more >>

The year 1970 was a watershed, so we asked several thoughtful writers to reflect on key events.

Some of us remember dreaming, fifty years ago, of a computer small enough to fit in our home. And a telephone without wires. Read more >>

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