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July 2024
1min read

A place for all seasons …

Lake Placid, New York, became internationally prominent last year as the site of the Winter Olympics. Two or three generations ago, the winter—and summer—sports practiced there were less spectacular, but cameras were present even then—and particularly that of Irving L. Stedman. From the recently discovered collection of his thousands of glass-plate negatives, we offer a glittering portrait of a resort in the preelectronic age.

Remembering Mrs. Roosevelt …

In arevealing interview with A MERICAN H ERITAGE , an intimate confidante recalls the last busy years of the First Lady of the World.

Back to Bataan …

In April, 1942, thousands of American and Filipino soldiers surrendered to the Japanese on Bataan Peninsula in the Philippine Islands. The “Death March” that followed has long since become one of the legendary horror stories of World War II. Now, in an excerpt from an extraordinary and harrowing new book, we tell the story again—this time in the words of the men who survived.

The father of physical culture …

His mother was a consumptive and his father an alcoholic, but Bernarr Macfadden rose above both to invent the confession magazine and become our most flamboyant champion of physical culture and eccentric diet.

Plus …

Edwin O. Reischauer, former ambassador to Japan, on the real meaning of Pearl Harbor; a historian’s poll determines the ten greatest Secretaries of State—with surprising results; a Christmas letter from World War I; Jefferson at the court of George III; and much more, all of it richly illustrated.

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