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Members of the first Federal Congress had to create a new government almost from scratch. More >>
The origins of today’s vast intelligence apparatus can be traced in part to the forgotten efforts of librarians and archivists to gather information during World War II More >>
The thousands of Japanese-Americans interned in Wyoming during World War II maintained their dignity and community spirit. More >>
Though he defended his decision as being in the nation's best interest, Ford's pardon of his predecessor may have contributed to his short-lived presidency. More >>
A historian tackles one of American history’s thorniest questions More >>
In 1942, over a quarter of a million ordinary citizens volunteered to help defend our country as Nazi submarines terrorized the East Coast and Caribbean waters, sinking fuel tankers and cargo ships with near impunity. More >>
The young nation was lucky to have the only candidate on earth who could do the job. More >>
Although he was forced to resign as Nixon’s Vice President, Agnew’s “tough guy” persona set the precedent for subsequent anti-establishment figures including Donald Trump. More >>
Her philosophy was embodied in the words engraved over the entrance to the Supreme Court: "Equal Justice Under Law" More >>
The 5th president's policies helped create an “Era of Good Feelings,” a prosperous time never seen before or since in American history. More >>

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