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July 2024
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Among the scores of books by or about Churchill, William Manchester recommends these: The Earl of Birkenhead, The Professor and the Prime Minister (Boston, 1961); Winston S. Churchill, Amid These Storms (New York, 1932), Step by Step (London, 1939); Sarah Churchill, A Thread in the Tapestry (London, 1967); John Colville, Footprints in Time (London, 1976), The Churchillians (London, 1981); Martin Gilbert, The Prophet of Truth , Vol. V: 1929–39 (Boston, 1977); Phyllis Moir, I Was Churchill’s Private Secretary (New York, 1941); Nigel Nicolson (editor), Diaries and Letters of Harold Nicolson , Vol. I: 1930–39 (New York, 1966); Henry Felling, Winston Churchill (New York, 1974); Mary Soames, Clementine Churchill (Boston, 1979); Inspector Walter Henry Thompson of Scotland Yard, Assignment: Churchill (New York, 1955).

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