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Gearing Up For Number Three

July 2024
1min read

When the last fireworks had faded, the VV last parade had ended, the last watermelon had been eaten, and the last echoes of the last speech had died out in the county fairgrounds of the land, most Bicentennial committees of 1976 heaved sighs of relief and closed up shop, with never a thought for the morrow.

Not so the Bicentennial committee of Wyoming, Pennsylvania. Finding itself with $63 left in its Bicentennial account at the end of the year’s festivities, this admirable body persuaded a local bank to contribute another $100, then put the money into a special TVtcentennial account. Bank officials calculate that at today’s interest rates the $163 deposited this year will be worth about $100,000 by 2076, which ought to be enough to finance a couple of truly nifty paradesassuming that inflation rates have not eaten it alive by then.

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