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Growing Up With Tv

June 2024
1min read

I found Harry Matthei’s superb “Inventing the Commercial” well written, well researched, and well remembered. When I arrived at the end of the story and read that Mr. Matthei had died last February, I realized that above all, the article was well timed. This serves as a lesson for us all. Regardless of how trivial an incident may seem, whether it’s about how we produce commercials, make toast, pump gas, or mow the lawn, the passage of time makes even the most mundane occurrence an event of historical importance. Even if people assume that their lives reflect a startling lack of accomplishment, they can create a lasting legacy by simply buying a tape recorder and spending a few idle afternoons recalling the way things were. Personally I can only assume that my grandparents laughed at Krazy Kat, played mumblety-peg, and joined in the celebration on Armistice Day. What I would give to hear this for a fact and in their own words!

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