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New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route

New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route

This auto-trail stretches nearly 300 miles along New Jersey’s shore and bays. Travel through the Trail’s five regions and the nation’s oldest operating lighthouse; the town where revolutionaries burned British tea; and the state’s official tall ship. Visitors tend to explore New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route by region: Sandy Hook Region is the northern most and is approximately 40 miles long; Barnegat Bay Region is near the center of New Jersey's Atlantic seaboard and is about 45 miles long; Absecon Region includes Atlantic City and Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge and is 20 miles long; Cape May Region is approximately 40 miles long and includes lighthouses, bird refuges, and the historic town of Cape May; and, Delsea Region is the most remote with over 60 miles of wetlands, history, and migratory bird stop-over points.

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